Yay! 100



I did it! 100.7 miles.
Quite an emotional and intensely challenging journey.
Slept 30 minutes in 52 hours.

More to come obviously but very happy!

Thank you!


10 thoughts on “Yay! 100

    1. Chris M Post author

      Thank you very much Matilda!
      It definitely felt like I did something 🙂
      Oh you don’t have to worry about the recaps being detailed… I was out there one heck of a long time and had so many different experiences and had time to meet a lot of other amazing runners.

    1. Chris M Post author

      Thanks Becky!
      I have to tell you… It was significantly different and harder than I expected.
      Was privileged to be on the same course as many world class runners.
      What a wild wild ride it was!

  1. greg m

    Great job little brother! Next time I am in town you will have to tell me about your adventures.

    Quite an accomplishment….. Kinda insane…. but very cool!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Chris M Post author

      Hey Greg!

      Most of us out there would agree that it wasn’t a “normal” thing. Definitely a bit nuts and at times intensely emotionally challenging (the last 13 miles I did not want to be there anymore 😉 but quite a feeling to have made it through.
      Was a privilege to be on the same course as some world class runners.
      I will talk to you about it for sure, but I will also be providing some detailed reports here in the coming weeks.. So come on back!

    1. Chris M Post author


      Thanks so much! The second day was really a crazy thing. Part 2 of my Race Report will go into it.
      I appreciate it!


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