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The Strongest Man Alive Contest 1998 Episode 1

I don’t really have a good explanation why it took so long to get the master Beta’s from the contest converted over to digital (I guess I wanted to make sure I was putting the masters in the hands of the right company because they were the masters), but I finally did and below are the videos from the first episode.

The show was originally seen in 1999 – 2000 in 105 countries through distribution with Fox Sports International, but it hasn’t really been seen much since then until now.

But what an event.. I brought in Bill Kazmeier, Magnus ver Magnusson and Phil Martin as head judges. 2 time Worlds Strongest Man Jouko Ahola came in from Finland and future 2006 Worlds Strongest Man Phil Pfister made his first international appearance to the world.

I will have much more to post about the contest in the future. I am going to get all 40 hours of the Beta’s converted to Blu Rays and upload them (I actually haven’t seen a lot of it myself). Plus I am going to upload the 100’s of photos from the event, posters and all other media (the write up in the 60th Anniversary edition of Muscle and Fitness was awesome).

And damn if there weren’t some memorable performances.. from Mawr Wallace continuing to compete with a broken ankle after the first event in the Finals (there were a few after the event that weren’t convinced it was truly broken.. but I saw him backstage and you could actually see a bit of the bone sticking out!), to Jouko’s deadlift performance, to the utterly intense lightweight finale in the bar pull (watch it before your next workout and see if you don’t get motivated) and many others.

But for now I just want to get the show out and the videos from my Youtube channel are below!


Strongest Man Alive Episode 1 Intro


Strongest Man Alive Lightweight Stones


Strongest Man Alive Heavyweight Stones


Strongest Man Alive Contest Preliminaries


Strongest Man Alive Lightweight Dumbbell Press


Strongest Man Alive Heavyweight Dumbbell Press


Strongest Man Alive Kettlebell Hold


Strongest Man Alive Arm over Arm Pull


Strongest Man Alive Episode 1 End Bumper


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What an amazing adventure it was to produce this show.. I hope you have enjoyed watching it!