Across the Years Training Week 1 Recap

So I signed up for my first 24 Hour foot race and detailed my high level training plan and will be writing about my nutrition plan this week.

So now I will detail my training for Week 1, but before I do I will post a calendar

across the years calendar

(that I will have in all of my weekly recaps) that gave me a positive insight into my training for this race. Initially (before really thinking about it) I thought that with two weeks left of July and 5 months after that until the race that I had 22 weeks of training available for it, but after looking at the calendar I actually have a full 24 weeks (had a full 24 weeks since last week is gone) or 6 standard months of training. This is great news (the extra two weeks) because…..

I still can’t run yet! But I am 99% sure that my foot thing is not a stress fracture which is great news and still just continues to be a slight plantar tear issue which is healing itself (with the help of the Graston tool that my chiropractor is using) and of course hopefully is 100% quite soon. He requested that I don’t run until I see him again on Wednesday and I am happy to oblige. I am definitely looking at the long term goal on this and if not running for now allows me to reach it better prepared than fine. I am very much hoping to at least start barefoot walking after my appointment on Wednesday but we will see. If I can start running 5 months out I think I can be ok. That is a long training schedule.

All that having been said.. I would like to be running! But.. I am still training.. and here is my last week:

Saturday the 13th: 8 minutes on the Gazelle to warm up then

26 sets for lats/rhomboids

3 sets of light sumo deadlifts

18 sets for triceps

Tuesday the 16th: 4 sets cybex squat press

3 sets abs 2 sets obliques

After 6 sets of chest/delts warmups (which I will detail in a future post) 16 sets for chest

Wednesday the 17th: traps/rhomboids normally done on Tuesdays with Chest but since I am not running and I ran out of time on Tuesday I did them on Wednesday (and was able to really attack them)

19 sets for traps/rhombhoids

2 sets for rotators

Thursday the 18th: 5 sets for glutes

2 sets for abs and 2 sets for obliques

14 sets for delts (getting a pair of 80s up for standing overheads which felt good)

15 sets for biceps

A really strong day

Saturday the 20th: 5 sets of conventional deadlifts

24 sets for lats/rhomboids

14 sets for triceps

2 sets for rotators

All in all it was a strong week in the gym but I obviously need to get on the road. I look forward to doing that soon.

Trying to put a positive spin on it, I am happy that I am breaking myself into my leg/deadlift/glute training without running as I may be better able to tolerate the combination with a few weeks of the gym work under my belt. On another note.. I forgot how sore your glutes can get from weighted walking lunges (done the most effective way which is staying low the whole time and not coming fully up) but it was nice to feel that as it means that they are getting stronger.

One potential issue that I may very well contend with is my legs growing to the point where chafing becomes an issue for my runs and walks. My legs grow and get stronger very easily. I had 34″ thighs in the photo with my largest Mavrock


but it wasn’t much of an issue because I wasn’t running then.. wasn’t really walking that much to be honest 🙂

I am definitely hoping to avoid that painful condition becoming an issue but I have found some good pre run creams that have helped in the past (eurostyle chamois butt’r my current favorite). I really don’t want to have to deal with that issue on a regular basis so if it becomes one I may have to rethink my leg training. We will see.

That is about it for Week 1 of 24… strengthening my core and legs in preparation for being able to start running and walking.

I think running will be valuable in training for a 24 hour foot race!!

P.S. I have a very exciting supplement raffle giveaway to announce next week! Stay tuned!

Best of luck in your training,