Across the Years – as I am doing it

If you are reading this page then I am either a day or so away from being out there or am currently out there on the course! I switched to the 48 Hour so I am starting at 9:00am (Mountain Time) on Monday Dec 30th.

The link to the ultracast results for all of the races (simply click on the 48 Hour…since I just switched to that this morning!!… button at the top for my results) is here:

Across the Years Ultracast Live Results

The link to the live webcam. You may have to download the UStream app to see it but it is pretty cool to watch it in real time.

Across the Years Webcam

My “You don’t need to be on Twitter” Twitter link for @ChrisMavrocat is here:

Chris Mavrocat’s Twitter Link

Of course if you are on Twitter, please follow me for my latest tweets and use the hashtag #24mav (sticking with the 24 for the tag 🙂 )in your tweets so that we can all follow your responses. Go to #24mav to see what everyone is tweeting (I’m sure someone within the 48 Hours will tweet something besides myself 😉 ) I will be tweeting throughout the day and night, and am pretty sure I will get entertaining (i.e. silly) as the hours go on. At times I most likely will through out some questions to the group (as I become less able to think effectively) and invite any and all answers.

I would love to see some photos of how you are spending New Years Eve so feel free to tweet those out to me.

To those reading that have my number, feel free to text me. Can’t guarantee I will get back to you quickly but I will read them and they will be appreciated.

Oh and finally, posting comments on this page would be awesome! Please do. They won’t appear immeadiately but I will get notification of them and approve them out as soon as I can (which will most likely not be during the race 🙂 )

Happy 2014 Everyone!!!