My road to Death Valley’s road

Much of my first month’s blogging (but definitely not all) will be about my training for my next major race.. The Death Valley Marathon.

Furnace Creek

I chose this race for a number of reasons.. the top one probably being that I got a bit hurt in September and it prevented my plans for doing the California International in Sacramento in early December. It sounds like it ended up being quite an adventure with 30 mph winds and rain! So I was looking for another marathon to work towards and I didn’t want it to be much more than 8-10 weeks off. I have always been fascinated by Death Valley (mostly I guess because of the “Worlds Toughest Footrace” The Badwater 135 Mile Ultramarathon) and think it looks like an amazingly beautiful place to have my next Marathon.

I also plan on making it my first barefoot full Marathon. In emailing with the Race Director, it sounds like the asphalt is in very good shape (having just been repaved a few years ago and not getting much traffic) and I would be the first to run a marathon through Death Valley barefoot (which is kind of exciting).

My training has been going well since mid November and I will be detailing it here very soon.

I have learned a good amount in the last 6 weeks and look forward to writing it here.

This is my first blog post of the site! Yay!

Best of luck in your training,



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